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Simple way to control your ESP8226, ESP32, RP2040, RaspberryPi or Arduino with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Homebridge and Node-RED

How to Get Started


Create Your Sinric Pro Account

Sign up for your very own Sinric Pro account. It is easy and free.

Add Smart Home Devices

Download an example code from Github repo and start making. • Arduino MicroPython NodeJS Python


Use the Sinric Pro App, Alexa Skill, Google Action, SmartThings, IFTTT, Node-RED, Homebridge (for Homekit) or build your own using the APIs.


Effortless automation creation with drag-and-drop

Make Your Own Device Type

Drag and drop capabilities that describe the features of your IoT device and build your very own device type and generate the code automatically.

Low-code development

Unfamiliar with coding? Utilize our visual editor designed for ESP8266 or ESP32 to effortlessly generate your C++ code.

Commercial use

Are you excited to take your smart home business to the next level?

Sinric Pro is expanding, and we're bringing business account support to our platform soon! Join the waitlist today and be notified as soon as the business account feature becomes available.



Our very own module to control IR devices using Sinric Pro.

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